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ILTM Cannes 2016 Tweets

ILTM Luxury Travel (@ILTM_events) | 06/12/2016, 11:11
The Red Carpet Arrival & Global Forum. Last night was all about the 3 'L's': LOVE, LOYALTY & LUXURY. What a way to start the show! #iltm pic.twitter.com/3HekJjK6Gs

ILTM Luxury Travel (@ILTM_events) | 06/12/2016, 16:35
Meetings, meetings and more meetings - and parties! That's what we do, here at #ILTM! #LuxuryTravel pic.twitter.com/y0vGtbgNXg

ILTM Luxury Travel (@ILTM_events) | 07/12/2016, 10:07
The legendary #iltm Official Party at @martinezhotel was full of movers & shakers, can you spot yourself on the revolving dancefloor? #iltm pic.twitter.com/DnnTer8mGL

ILTM Luxury Travel (@ILTM_events) | 08/12/2016, 16:13
Wow! Thank you to our loyal friends for celebrating 15 years of #iltm and spreading that very special #iltm love. What a show! pic.twitter.com/T2QVskFXxz

IBTM Tweets

ibtm world (@ibtmworld) | 29/11/2016, 12:11
3 hours in and the show floor is completely buzzing with activities... #ibtmvibe pic.twitter.com/QtaheUIUFt

ibtm world (@ibtmworld) | 30/11/2016, 09:36
Check out the highlights from the Welcome Reception last night at #ibtmworld 2016... #ibtmvibe pic.twitter.com/3jvV4uiSG3

ibtm world (@ibtmworld) | 30/11/2016, 14:20
Congratulations to all of our stand award winners! #ibtmvibe #ibtmworld pic.twitter.com/nQydWIqVWJ

ibtm world (@ibtmworld) | 01/12/2016, 10:53
So it's a fond farewell to Mr Holland, but what a send-off! #ibtmvibe #ibtmworld pic.twitter.com/jYdPBfZ75V

ibtm world (@ibtmworld) | 01/12/2016, 09:33
We hope you had a fantastic time at our networking hour! #ibtmvibe #ibtmworld pic.twitter.com/lBW3zUhamb

ibtm world (@ibtmworld) | 02/12/2016, 00:52
Thanks for a fabulous #ibtmworld, hope you all felt the #ibtmvibe! See you next year for our 30th anniversary extravaganza! Happy travels! pic.twitter.com/6NBLK8Kamz

ibtm america (@ibtmamerica) | 17/06/2016, 20:54
Thanks for meeting with us in #Nashville! We hope to see you next year in #FortLauderdale pic.twitter.com/0CO5m63PcE

ILTM Luxury Travel (@ILTM_events) | 01/04/2016, 16:25
Check out #ILTMJapan 2016 Show Video: bit.ly/1X3csuV @YadaTweets pic.twitter.com/gQPSjboFRE

AIME (@AIMEMelbourne) | 23/02/2016, 05:13
We're off to a spectacular start on the first day of AIME 2016! #AIMEinspo #eventprofs #businessevents pic.twitter.com/OLACuf52mK

AIME (@AIMEMelbourne) | 23/02/2016, 01:58
Welcome to AIME 2016! We hope you have a wonderful show. #AIMEinspo pic.twitter.com/ciYOILAha3

WTM London Tweets

WTM London (@WTM_London) | 08/11/2016, 13:10
Travel technology is always moving forward. Come and see what’s hot here, at #WTMLDN. pic.twitter.com/LJ49BQzXlh

WTM London (@WTM_London) | 08/11/2016, 13:41
From Australia to Zimbabwe, the whole world is here at #WTMLDN. pic.twitter.com/uf2QL3Va1X

WTM London (@WTM_London) | 08/11/2016, 18:05
Day two of #WTMLDN is nearly at a close so wind down on the show floor with a drink and some music! pic.twitter.com/8PEqAiGfUi

WTM London (@WTM_London) | 09/11/2016, 11:19
It's the final day of #WTMLDN, and it's going to be a busy one! Come on down and see the world under one roof... pic.twitter.com/22sbsezawo

WTM London (@WTM_London) | 09/11/2016, 11:49
A huge Bloggers Speed Networking session is happening here at #WTMLDN, the place to be for industry knowledge and discovery. pic.twitter.com/y7siIQsDfm

WTM London (@WTM_London) | 09/11/2016, 14:13
Enjoy the WTM Wellness Lounge and a host of other fantastic feature, here at #WTMLDN. pic.twitter.com/jOKrINViiY

WTM London (@WTM_London) | 09/11/2016, 17:50
As #WTMLDN draws to a close, the celebrations are just kicking off! pic.twitter.com/wlwCwUb6Rw

WTM London (@WTM_London) | 09/11/2016, 19:58
It's been an amazing #WTMLDN! Thanks to everyone for making it such a special three days... pic.twitter.com/lh7Zyl6aP8